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Life Coaching

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Things to consider while finding the right life coach for you

Are you trying to reach a new level of success but wondering how to proceed? Life coaching training also referred to as Results Coaching, is the best solution. It is an incredibly powerful tool, which helps you achieve your most important goals. The best life coaches become guides and mentors who help you through life’s challenges and strengthen your mindset to achieve anything for which you made up your mind. Often people get overwhelmed and inquire how to find the best life coach near me. 

Here are some Tips that you might consider while searching for a Life Coach

☆ Goals

People often confuse life coach training with mentorship and therapy. However, the former is quite different from the others, and each has a unique set of characteristics. Coaching is more future-oriented, and your life coach does not spend much time digging into your experiences. The major difference between a mentor and a life coach is that while a mentor offers guidance and advice based on their experience, a life coach would not do so. Instead, a life coach will offer a couple of suggestions, ask you some powerful questions, and help you find the correct answers and solutions. Your life coach will help you in formulating strategies to achieve your goals. Ensure that you understand the differences and have appropriate expectations. 

☆ Training and certification

Life coach training depends completely upon scientific research and well-trained coaches who utilize evidence-based coaching models in their work. For adopting these research and techniques, coaches undergo an in-depth training program. Unlike therapy, there is very little governance and regulations in the coaching industry. However, the International Coach Federation (IFC), an organization that accredits its coach training programs and ensures that they meet a certain standard. On your meeting with your life coach, inquire which training program they underwent and if the training is IFC accredited. 

☆ The coaching-style

The coaching-style of life coaches varies according to their personality and training. Some sessions are organized and structured, while others are more open and free-flowing. While some coaches are warm and supportive, others are confronting and might challenge you. If you are searching for a life coach near me, ensure that you know their coaching style so that it aligns with your requirements. 

☆ Methodologies and tools

While you involve yourself in life coach training, ensure that your coach utilizes proven coaching methodologies and techniques. It ensures that your sessions are effective enough in helping you achieve your goals. Moreover, you need to ensure that your prospective life coach’s approach resonates with you and fits your requirements.

☆ The cost

Of course, budget is the most important factor in selecting your coach. Usually, your life coach training cost anywhere between $50 and $500 per hour, depending upon your coach’s target demographic and experience level. Do not forget to inquiry what comprises your prospective coach’s hourly rate. Although price does not indicate quality, yet you must not select the cheapest coach. Always remember that life coach training is an investment in yourself and your future, and you are worthy of it. 

☆ Availability 

Are your coach available for taking sessions when you are in a good headspace? Most life coaches prefer to work only during business hours, which becomes tough when you need to schedule your sessions around your working hours. Do not forget to determine the availability of your coach. Check whether they are available only during the sessions or check in with you in between sessions. Ask your coach whether you can drop them an email or a quick message with a question and whether they would charge for the same. 

☆ Assess their success and results

Life coach training is a great investment, and you need to ensure that it offers you a strong return. Determine how the life coaches track and measure their results. Look for the possibilities if you can talk with any of their previous clients about the success and your coach’s experience,


The coaches at Sarthak Gandhi life coaching classes undertook an intensive coach-training program. Besides, they undergo additional three months of training on our proposed methodologies and programs. Moreover, we adopted the ADIT model, which includes assessing, discovering, implementing, and transition. Following the model ensures a consistent customer experience for our clients’ offers an effective framework for better engagement with them.

At Life Notes by Sarthak Gandhi, we strive to go beyond for all our clients regarding availability. Our support does not end with the end of the sessions. Hence, if you want your coach’s optimum support, ensure that it is a part of their process and philosophy in between your sessions. Above all, we continuously track, measure, and share your progress every step of your way, as we know outcomes are important for you.