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the golden rule is two edge sword ,if some of us treated others as we treat ourselves then we would be jailed

HI I’m Sarthak Gandhi!

life coach with an aim to transforming inner self also counselor and soft skill trainer , prior to that i had associated with manpower organisation as talent acquistion specalist

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Developing life skills is essential for the steeper learning curve and helps you effectively deal with workplace issues. You learn certain life skills while you are in school, and others you learn through experience. These skills are as important as academic skills, and hence employers favor hiring candidates who have mastery in different skills. Resilience, proactivity, leadership, and communication are essential life skills required to face the 21st century's challenges in the professional sphere. However, most often, it isn't easy to teach the skills to the students. This article focuses on developing the life skills that would support you in your future career journey.

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